Bahn Mi in P-town

So i’m leaving Portland tomorrow, and one of my meals I made sure I got before leaving was the bahn mi at Best Baguette. I always get the saigon bacon, with sweet bbq pork belly, pickled veggies, jalapenos, mayo and cilantro  and 8+ inches of this goodness all in a fresh baguette for $3.50! The baguettes … Continue reading

Sriracha Condiments

Srriracha is by far my favorite condiment for practically anything. The spicy sauce still holds a lot of sweetness, and a slight vinegar finish. The sauce mixes with just about anything but my favorite multi-purpose condiments using sriracha. The following are mixes with other condiments for a quick and easy flavorful addition. Sriracha sour cream … Continue reading

White Soy Sauce?!?!

          About a month ago I went to Uwajimaya in Beaverton to look for a special white soy sauce I had read about in a book. The book was “The Flavor Bible” (an awesome recipe building reference tool) and it talked about the rich fuller flavor, and the more natural process … Continue reading


Yakitori literally translates to grilled chicken in Japanese, but most commonly refers to any sort of grilled meat, meatballs, seafood, or vegetables on skewers. Yakitori is typically flavored with a sweet soy glaze, and served with wasabi, sansho pepper or togarashi. Yakitori typically uses all parts of the animal, livers, hearts, gizards, skin, tail, and knee bone are … Continue reading