Bahn Mi in P-town

So i’m leaving Portland tomorrow, and one of my meals I made sure I got before leaving was the bahn mi at Best Baguette. I always get the saigon bacon, with sweet bbq pork belly, pickled veggies, jalapenos, mayo and¬†cilantro¬† and 8+ inches of this goodness all in a fresh baguette for $3.50! The baguettes … Continue reading

Sriracha Condiments

Srriracha is by far my favorite condiment for practically anything. The spicy sauce still holds a lot of sweetness, and a slight vinegar finish. The sauce mixes with just about anything but my favorite multi-purpose condiments using sriracha. The following are mixes with other condiments for a quick and easy flavorful addition. Sriracha sour cream … Continue reading