White Soy Sauce?!?!


About a month ago I went to Uwajimaya in Beaverton to look for a special white soy sauce I had read about in a book. The book was “The Flavor Bible” (an awesome recipe building reference tool) and it talked about the rich fuller flavor, and the more natural process of the white soy sauce making. White soy is typically made without wheat (gluten-free!) and caramel coloring, making for the lighter color and the clean, sweet soy flavor. Its a familiar flavor but richer, and fuller in the mouth, while being colored a lot lighter, from like brown to golden. The Flavor Bible suggests that this would be a perfect pair with a sashimi or sushi, as the flavors layer well, and the white soy’s rich, but not pungent flavor lets you taste the full fish flavor. This can be a hard to find product, but check around Asian gorcery stores or online to come up with it.


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