When i don’t know what to munch on, my go to is usually popcorn. I always buy one of those big bags of kernels and pop them in a pan instead of going for a buttery microwave version. I have a glass topped pan, that makes it super easy to keep an eye on the corn, and end up with minimal unpopped ones. But this post is not about the popcorn, but about the spice blend I use to flavor it up.

I make a mix of….

3T Nutritional Yeast
1T sesame seeds
2T togarashi pepper powder (korean or japanese ground chiles)
1.5 T Salt
2 t hot mustard powder
(also great with furukake but I don’t have any at the moment)

This mix in hot, and savory with the addition of nutritional yeast, a really cool and under-utilized ingredient. I also add flavor by coating my popped popcorn in a drizzle of sesame oil to help make the mix stick.


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