White Soy Sauce?!?!

          About a month ago I went to Uwajimaya in Beaverton to look for a special white soy sauce I had read about in a book. The book was “The Flavor Bible” (an awesome recipe building reference tool) and it talked about the rich fuller flavor, and the more natural process … Continue reading


Yakitori literally translates to grilled chicken in Japanese, but most commonly refers to any sort of grilled meat, meatballs, seafood, or vegetables on skewers. Yakitori is typically flavored with a sweet soy glaze, and served with wasabi, sansho pepper or togarashi. Yakitori typically uses all parts of the animal, livers, hearts, gizards, skin, tail, and knee bone are … Continue reading

Onigiri Rice Balls

For those that don’t know, Onigiri (onigilly) is the Japanese term for rice balls of various shapes and sizes. They are often eaten as a snack, but also can be a side or an appetizer along with a main course.   This is the typical format for onigiri, a pyramid like rice ball with a … Continue reading

Asian-Style Pickles

Pickled vegetables are tasty, healthy, and ridiculously easy to make. This is a standard recipe from New York City celebrity chef David Chang of Momofuku restaurant, as well as the Milk Bar name. Chang is known for making elegant Asian style foods, but this rice vinegar pickling brine is straight classic. I have two jars of mixed veggies … Continue reading

Senbei Rice Crackers

Senbei is the Japanese term for rice crackers that have been baked or grilled. They are made with a mix of cooked glutinous rice, glutinous rice flour and any sort of flavors from fishy bits to sweet soy glazes. On pinterest I came up on a really well put together page explaining all the variations and styles … Continue reading